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Home Dumpster Rental

Affordable Residential Dumpsters

Whether you’re remodeling your home, replacing a roof, or cleaning out the basement, temporary clean-up dumpsters are the perfect choice. Your dumpster rental includes delivery, pickup, and disposal. Available in a variety of sizes, dumpsters are an affordable and efficient way to keep your worksite clean (and your neighbors happy).

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Dumpster Sizes

30 Yard DumpsterLength: 17 ft
Width: 7 ft
Height: 6 ft

30 yard dumpsters can handle large home remodeling projects, large clean outs, and flood damage debris. 30 yard dumpsters fit on residential driveways. No concrete or dirt is accepted.

20 Yard DumpsterLength: 17 ft
Width: 7 ft
Height: 4 ft

20 yard dumpsters work well for clean outs and flood damage debris. This popular size is perfect for medium sized home remodeling projects. 20 yard dumpsters fit on your driveway. No concrete or dirt is accepted.

15 Yard DumpsterLength: 17 ft
Width: 7 ft
Height: 3 ft

15 yard dumpsters work well for small to medium home remodeling projects, clean outs, flood damage debris and shingles. This easy to load dumpster fits well on residential driveways. No concrete or dirt is accepted.

10 Yard DumpsterLength: 17 ft
Width: 7 ft
Height: 2 ft

10 yard dumpsters are great for heavy items like dirt and concrete and small to medium home remodeling projects. The 2 foot height is easy to load. 10 yard dumpsters fit nicely on residential driveways.

6 yard dumpsterLength: 5.5 ft
Width: 6 ft
Height: 6 ft

6 yard dumpsters are great for small to medium home remodeling projects. Fits easily on your driveway. The low front lip makes for quick loading. No concrete or dirt accepted *Not available in all areas.

Helpful Dumpster Rental Hints

Lay wood or plywood down on your driveway or grass. 3 pieces of 2×6 lumber, or 2 sheets of plywood will work. The wood helps prevent driveway and lawn damage.

How much material? What kind of material? These are the two basic questions you need to answer before ordering a temporary dumpster. For example, 10 yard dumpsters are built to handle concrete and dirt.

When you load your dumpster keep in mind to load it level full, not over the top.  If it’s heavy material make sure weight is evenly distributed from side to side and front to back.  And make sure you load it so material does not fall out.

Keep in mind that dumpsters have tonnage capacities and load limits.  If you are disposing of especially heavy materials, make sure you let us know and we can advise you on your specific tonnage limitations.

If you need to open the back door of the dumpster, allow at least 6 feet between buildings and the dumpster. And make sure there is plenty of room for the driver to retrieve the dumpster when the job is wrapped up. An often overlooked aspect of dumpster rental is that the truck needs clearance from trees and wires above the drop off point. Lifting a dumpster takes some considerable height for trucks to deliver and retrieve.

Contact your village to find out if a permit is required for your dumpster and for other instructions. A dumpster on the street requires village approval.

We have better prices than national competitors and decades of local experience. Fill out our quick online quote form, and we’ll reply with a detailed solution that meets your short or long-term project needs. Schedule your rental Monday–Friday, with just 24-hours notice. We accept check, cash, Visa and MasterCard. Rental time is generally 7 days. Additional rental time is always an option. 

You will receive quick service from experienced drivers and dumpster delivery right to your home. Just call when the dumpster is full or schedule your dumpster pickup in advance.

Check with your local village or city regarding dumpster permits (required in some areas).