Homewood Garbage Service

Homewood Disposal provides household garbage, yard waste, and recycling services to customers in both the town and unincorporated areas of Homewood through individual subscriptions.

We have been offering top quality disposal services to residents of Homewood since 1956. Homewood Disposal also supports the people of the community through sponsorship of the Homewood schools’ 5K, Homewood baseball leagues, and Homewood Small Fry basketball, and participation in Foundation 153 and the League of Women Voters.

Service areas may vary. Homeowners association members can contact their association regarding service inquiries.

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Your Residential Waste Services

 – Weekly pickup on Wednesdays
– Customers are billed quarterly by Homewood Disposal
– Each home has been provided with a wheeled 95-gallon garbage cart at no cost.
– Additional garbage carts are available to rent. See the online order form.
– Garbage may be placed in garbage bags or your own 32-gallon cans (up to 3 per week), weighing no more than 50 pounds each.
– Do you want to know if your service was postponed due to a holiday or bad weather? Sign up for our service update emails.

– Recyclables are picked up every other week on your regular pickup day. Download the handy recycling schedule.
– Each home has been provided a 65-gallon recycle cart to be used for recyclables ONLY.

View the list of accepted recyclables.

lawnmower yard waste service– Yard waste season is April 1 – November 30.
– Grass clippings, leaves, branches, etc. are considered yard waste (no dirt or rock).
– By Illinois State Law, yard waste must NOT be mixed with your garbage.
– All yard waste must be placed in brown paper yard waste bags with a yard waste sticker attached. Bags and stickers can be found at many local grocery and hardware stores.
– Large 95-gallon wheeled yard waste carts are also available to rent. See the online order form.
– Branches should be cut into 3-4 foot lengths and be no wider than 6 inches in diameter. Branches can be placed in the yard waste bag or put in reasonable-sized bundles tied with twine or string. Each bundle must have a yard waste sticker attached.

As of 2012, many electronics have been banned from Illinois landfills and waste haulers are no longer able to accept them in residential curbside waste programs. Homewood Disposal has developed a program for current residential customers to schedule an e-waste pickup.

Schedule your pickup and then simply place your electronics curbside near your trash containers. We’ll send an additional truck to your location for removal and proper recycling.

other disposal hazard Some items you need to dispose of can’t be accepted by Homewood Disposal for various reasons, such as landfill restrictions.

Currently, these “hard to handle items” cannot be accepted, including: plastic bags, electronics, hazardous material, propane tanks and batteries. We do offer alternative removal options for these items.

Click here for instructions on removing hard to handle items like carpeting, furniture, appliances and construction debris.

Helpful Hints

CNG truck
  • Please have all material at the curb by 6am on your pickup day. Putting garbage out the night before helps.
  • Once a week, at no additional cost, we will gladly pickup one large bulk item. Items can be placed at the curb on your regular pickup day. Our “Hard to Handle Material” pages describe what qualifies as a bulk item.
  • Please be sure to place your garbage in bags before you put it in your cans or carts. This helps prevent materials from blowing out of the can and also reduces odor in your container.
All carts are owned by Homewood/Star Disposal. Serial numbers have been recorded and designated to each address. In the event you move out of the home, the cart must remain at the original address. Please do not put your address on your cart.